Capsicle (ionchannel) wrote,

[SPN RPS] By Foot it's a Slow Climb :: Jensen/Misha :: NC-17

Title: By Foot it’s a Slow Climb
Author: ionchannel
Pairing: Jensen/Misha
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: 5.18
Word Count: 3,022
Disclaimer: This never happened. I don’t know these people, unfortunately. Title is from Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine.

Thank you to the magnificent tricksilver for the beta and encouragement. ♥

Summary: Jensen has seen Misha naked plenty of times, but this is the first time he’s laid himself bare, wide open for Jensen to see.

Acting, Jensen has discovered, is a tug-of-war between masochism and sadism.
Tags: fic, jensen/misha, rps, supernatural, writing
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